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We intend to come up with a documentation guide to easily help any person start up with documentation activities around our community.Here is a link for the template guide that we intend to put out Any additions all subtractions are highly welcome and you can go on to answer some of the questions that we have on the template. Still,you can comment on this thread for any thing related. We loot towards hearing from you!! cc @c.antwi @jennifer @jwnasambu @gcliff @odorajonathan @dkayiwa @irenyak1 @tenomart @burke @sharif @georgejr @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


Thanks @herbert24 for the template. Kindly grant edit access.

@herbert24 and Documentation Team, I love this idea! Thank you for taking this up. :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this up. But can you make the document editable? Right now I have to request access.


hope you can now edit cc @jwnasambu @c.antwi

Great idea @herbert24! I added some comments and ideas on there. Thanks for spearheading this Doc Squad! :slight_smile:

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We have added some information in the google doc for the documentation guide on this thread and we need to hear from you,kindly look through. cc @janflower @c.antwi @mozzy @jennifer @dkayiwa @jwnasambu @sharif @tendomart @ruhanga @suthagar23 @irenyak1 @odorajonathan

I have just added some steps on how to edit a document in github. Feel free to review it and suggest the best way to be done.

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@jwnasambu Now that you have created a page dedicated to this on the wiki. I suggest you move the contents of the googledoc into that wiki page

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Thank you. Let me do it right a way.

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@c.antwi what time is convenient for a call?

Could we make it tommorow Friday morning 11 am EAT?

That is fine. Am sorry to delay pinging you am still on medication and sometimes am too weak to work.

@c.antwi are you online?

@c.antwi sorry for the delay. I have issues with my network though I have managed to login successfully.