Documentation Guide Review

Hello friends,
Due to the high rate of new members interested in volunteering in documentation, we though of having a documentation guide to help them on how to start the process. This is the link to the guide that is being developed I kindly request you to help me review it. Feel free to drop your comment on what/ how can be done best.

Thanks Juliet

cc @c.antwi, @ruhanga, @jennifer, @dkayiwa, @irenyak1,@burke, @herbert24 , @dkayiwa, @ayesh, @marslan8530 @odorajonathan, @georgejr, @batbrain7, @gcliff, @tendomart, @sharif, @pcp, @ssemakadde, @codestar and @jwnasambu

@jwnasambu I am not able to access it . Could you give is access rights?

I have worked on it. Kindly let me know if its not working.

It’s fine now . thanks :+1:

@marslan8530 thanks for your comments. Friends kindly share your findings.

cc @suthagar23

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@c.antwi hello, hope all is well. Could you be having some time we finish this guide?

@jwnasambu We can meet tomorrow morning at 9am UTC to discuss. My last day with OMRS was the 14th October and not so much involved.