Do you add 'System Administration' on home page?

I want to test ‘System Administration’ but it isn’t on home page. Are you going to add this functionality or it isn’t provided in demo version?

Admin options may be hidden due to security reasons. Please use uat01 server for manual testing of the 2.2 release.

I think the advanced administration screens are missing on demo server by mistake (some misconfiguration on the demo server). @michael or @ryan , can you confirm?

Once logged in, you can get to the legacy UI by going directly to

But Rafał is correct, the demo server is for demonstration. should be used for formal user acceptance testing of the latest stable release of OpenMRS.

Ping to @michael and @ryan. Is there some special configuration of the demo server?

Nothing special, we just used the wizard to create the initial database then @maurya generated the demo patients. I restored the database we originally created and the system administration is back, so probably just vandalism. I think @raff had made some changes to the demo db, so if you can let me know what those were we can incorporate those into our sql dump that will be used to reload the db.

I think someone might have disabled system administration app in Manage Apps at

It is back on now.

I can’t remember doing any changes to the demo db.

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Ok if is functioning as it is supposed to then we will just reload our current db every few hours. If anyone else has changes they would like let me know.

This seems like a rather dangerous UI “feature” to allow. Am I missing something?

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There are all sorts of dangerous features available in the UI if you log in as the superuser…

(And the app framework provides no mechanism to special-case an app and say “this cannot be disabled”, nor would we want this.)

Perhaps we can change our demo login screen to push people to log in with more appropriate roles, and not always as admin?

I guess my point is: Is there ever a non-edge/corner use case when the admin should disable the system admin tools for themselves and other admins? It seems a bit odd and as we can see annoyingly risky. :slight_smile:

The Mirebalais implementation has this app disabled in the UI, and general any implementation that does deployment with configuration-via-code might not want it. (So I think there’s a legitimate use case in turning it off.)

We could add a hack in the UI of the Manage Apps page in the referenceapplication module that specifically blocks you from disabling “coreapps.systemAdministrationApp”. So you can’t disable this thing itself from its own UI. (But we still allow the app to be disabled if someone does that in code or directly in the database.)


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