Do we still use any of these software?

Hi everyone,

Looking at the list of supporting organisations, there’s a couple I haven’t heard about (which means we have no idea if they are licensed or not, or how to renew it).

Are you using any of the following software with a license provided to the community?

If you are, I’d like to document that, so it’s not a surprise to the next person. Otherwise, I’ll assume we are not using those products anymore.

We use Balsamiq for creating wireframes/mockups, but from JIRA. Not sure if that requires a separate license.

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@ball from or your own JIRA? I do remember having to disable balsamiq in JIRA due to incompatibility, but I can give it another try knowing we are still using it.

We recently migrated PIH tickets from JIRA server to cloud. I’m not seeing Balsamiq anymore ;( We did use it with our JIRA and OpenMRS JIRA too. It’s a nice product.

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An alternative though not tightly integrated could be Figma