Do Bahmni have something like nursing station module?

Hi I have one scenario that I cannot figure it out yet.

It’s the scenario that doctor orders some drug injection / small operation / dressing wound etc that have to be done in nursing station / operation room.

in this scenario doctor have to order for example Ceftriazone 2 g injection to patient in Bahmni then send patient to nursing station. when patient come to nursing station, nurse check for his name in Bahmni and do the injection to patient. Then nurse fill out Syringe, Needle, Sterile Water for injection in Bahmni(for Billing)

Lastly, Patient is sent to Pharmacy and Billing station to receive other medications and pay the bill.

Is there a way to do this by Bahmni

Hi @zacrify, As of now in Bahmni we don’t have a Nursing station feature already. But i feel that it is achievable using the existing features of Bahmni. As per my knowledge what i would for this scenario is as below : -> Create a new Order group called Nursing Order which can have Syringe, Needle, Sterile water, dressing, small operation etc But as a new Order type needs some dev effort on OpenERP side, you can use the existing Lab Order/ Radiology Order Type for synching these order for Billing at OpenERP. -> The Doctor orders drug injection from Medication tab and small operation or dressing can be either modelled as Orders or can be entered in Consultation PAD. -> When patient comes Nurse will look for patient in Active Patients Queue/ List. -> Opens Patient Dashboard and looks for the injection / looks at Consultation PAD to understand the things to do. -> for Injection, she orders Syringe, Needle, Sterile Water on orders tab under Nursing Orders section which will be synched to OpenERP. -> Then the patient is redirected to Pharmacy/ Billing station where he collects other medications and pays bill for all the drugs, consultation and Nursing orders.

Hope this helps.

@swathivarkala thank you so much for your advice :laughing:

@swathivarkala yes it seems to be the right approach.

@zacrify adding to what @swathivarkala is saying, one can create the nursing orders with Drug Injection, Small operation, etc. as items. Nurses can order these items. When nurses place this order it will come as order to OpenERP.

In OpenERP we can create a product which is a package of all the requisite items used like syringe, needle, sterile water, etc. When an order is received in OpenERP it will create a quotation with this product package and automatically create a bill for all the items used in main product.

This will save effort for the nurse to select individual items and also standardise the billing.

Thanks @ajeenckya So I can create a set of product in OpenERP right? Could you show me where to set this up?

@zacrify it will require OpenERP Dev effort.