diversity WIKI-- Do you want to be featured?

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(Theresa Cullen) #1

As you may know, we have a diversity page on our WIKI where we feature a few members of our community. We would love to highlight YOU if you are interested ! please check out the WIKI page and see if you may want to be share your bio on this page, and serve as a peer mentor in our diversity efforts. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this.


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(Moses Mutesasira) #2

does this mean i just edit the page my self??

(Jennifer Antilla) #3

That’s a great question! And I’d love to hear ideas from the community: who should write up the Diversity Peer profiles on our Wiki? How can we share these amazing resources with our community?

(Moses Mutesasira) #4

My idea , would be to have some one acting as admin for this. so that we have some level of control over this. this would mean the admin will have to add only the qualified members to the page ,(that is if there’s any selection criteria anyway for some one to appear there), and then ascertains that the information provided is correct.

ovcos i really wouldnt expect any one from anywhere (as long as they have an openmrs id) to add them selves there anyhow ,any time. it would kind of loose meaning. thats my idea any way.

(Jennifer Antilla) #5

@mozzy, thanks for sharing these ideas. I agree that we would want to add profiles in a way that preserves the meaning and value.

We have a Diversity Council. What role could that Council play in this?

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