Display Patient ID other than OpenMRS ID on corapps clinicianfacing patient page?

I use coreapps to display the patient details (diagnosis visits etc.). Now we defined our own patient identifier type (called “File Number”) that we use to identify patients.

I would like to know a way to display that ID in the header section (currently the are where the Patient ID should be displayed is empty. Meaning the label shows but value is empty…)

Is that something that can be configured? If yes how? If no, what would be the recommended way to get that working?

Found it… Changing the Primary Identifier Type UUID to match the Identifier you want to use solves it…

Would you mind adding this to the configuring the reference application wiki page?

Just added it…

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where can i find this primary identifier type in settings ? there is no global property as such with this name .

@shivang so this property actually changed to use a metadata mapping property this is how we deal with it in UgandaEMR https://github.com/METS-Programme/openmrs-module-aijar/blob/49b910adeaa8bcd62575e29bfe3f6e18e628ff3e/api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/aijar/AijarActivator.java#L229-L237

Thanx, am a novice in understanding its implementation. i got this code but can you please guide me where can i put it in my reference application 2.1.3 ? as in which file to modify ?

@shivang For your version of the reference application just set the value of emr.primaryIdentifierType in the global property table to the uuid of your identifier.

@ssmusoke i have done that. i have added a new global property with UUID of my new manual entry identifier.

but it doesn’t shows up.

@shivang You should not be adding new global properties… Probably your version of the reference application does not have that feature, so you may need to use a newer one probably Reference Application 2.4.1

@ssmusoke : Am using standalone platform version 2.1.3 (Latest) with reference application module bundle (2.7.0) .
Should I Downgrade to 2.4.1 ?
or my installation is faulty ?

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Wasn’t this moved from global property to metadata mapping? Look at the table named “metadatamapping_metadata_term_mapping” and set the “metadata_uuid” for the row whose “code” is “emr.primaryIdentifierType”