Digital Square Notice G: 2022 Global Call for Candidate Global Goods: Software

Digital Square has released a new request for applications, Notice G. This is different from their previous RFAs, which were more about funding specific work projects.

Notice G gives Global Goods, like OpenMRS, an opportunity to formally apply to become a recognized Global Good and potentially receive up to $25k to support publication of data on the impact and/or scale of the candidate global good.

In the past, becoming a recipient of DS funding was a way of being recognized as a “approved” Global Good. Each recipient had to complete a “Global Good Maturity Model.” With this opportunity, Digital Square is formalizing the process for becoming a recognized Global Good that is featured in the Global Good Guidebook and financially supported to attend the 2023 Global Goods Innovators Meeting.

Notice G will have three “calls,” and the first one focuses on the identification of software global goods for health which are currently in use on a global scale.

What do we need to do? We need to answer this series of questions about OpenMRS and submit it by September 30, 2022. We can use that Google sheet to compile our responses and I’ll set up a working session for anyone who would like to get together and work on the application.

Are we eligible? YES - and as an existing Global Good, we’re encouraged to apply!

Here is the stated eligibility criteria:

Proposals are required to meet a set of minimum eligibility criteria to be considered for evaluation. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The proposed software will need to meet the definition of a global good and be licensed under an
  • open-source license.
  • The proposed software must be a nominated or registered DPG with the DPGA.
  • Proposed software solutions should focus on Sustainable Development Goal 3: Health and well-
  • being. Global goods are mapped to their primary function within the health space and the focus areas
  • of intervention they seek to address. To provide the mappings, Digital Square global goods leverage
  • the categories and system classifications of the World Health Organization’s “Classification of digital
  • health interventions v1.0”.
  • The solution will need to provide evidence of scale and of the tool being open source (meeting the
  • definition of a software global good).
  • Must be a mature solution that is demonstrably established in the market and is aiming at the
  • expansion to new markets.

Want to know more?

Read the full Notice G RFA.

Watch Digital Square’s webinar on Notice G

Have questions? Share them here by September 16 and I’ll submit those that the existing material can’t answer to Digital Square on the 17th.

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