Differences between FormEntry app and FindPatient

Hi, I was refactoring form entry test cases, I noticed the Form Entry app and Find Patient app apparently are identical, at least they both referee to the same page http://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/coreapps/findpatient/findPatient.pag. Is it true?

The FormEntry app is provided by the xforms module to do form entry or filling. The Find Patient app is provided by the coreapps module to take you to the patient dashboard.

Dear @dkayiwa, I’m trying to write down some tests for the form entry module. I need some help: a) I found this test case. I suppose that it doesn’t regard the form entry page b) if I create a form with the rest api, how can I make it visible in the form entry? For instance, I’ve created the form myRestForm, but I can’t see it with other forms (e.g., Country of origin) c) What encouters mean?

Thank you in advance

@domenico that formentry app displays only those forms created with the current form entry technologies. (htmlforms and xforms)

Therefore it’s not possible to create a form with the rest api, right?