Did you know there are DAILY O3 support calls?

Friendly reminder to anyone whose organization is interested in O3, especially coming out of the OMRS '23 conference: Every day Monday to Thursday we have a community O3 Support Call, called the “Coffee Chat” time. :coffee: :tada:

This daily “office hours” is supported by members of the OpenMRS Global Product Support Team such as @dennis and @vasharma05 and @dkayiwa.

What: :coffee: “Coffee Break (O3 Troubleshooting for Frontend Developers)” :coffee:

:clock1: When: 11:30am UTC (5pm IST, 2:30pm EAT, 1:30pm CAT/CEST, 12:30pm WAT, 7:30am EDT)

:calling: Where: On Zoom at: https://om.rs/o3coffee