Did something happen with JUnit ?

After a git pull upstream master I got thousands of errors. All related to JUnit apparently.

Maven > Update Project does not fix the problems.

This commit seems to be the culprit:

@teleivo can you please take a look?

am on it…

I thought you were sleeping by now :smile:

haha, I would be ready to :sleeping: but I dont want to be in the way of the nightly Lluis cleanup awesomeness :smile:

I ran ‘mvn clean package’ locally, all tests pass. And also ‘Maven -> Update Project’ in Eclipse, can run tests just fine in Eclipse. Also when merging these last changes I let travis run the build, was all good. bamboo ci seems also good https://ci.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-MASTER

do you still have this issue? I dont know what else to check. Anybody else having issues?

Fixed doing mvn clean install -DskipTests + Update project …

I’m having Internet issues tonight, maybe some JAR did not download correctly. Who knows…

Thanks Ivo!

great! am feeling :relieved: hope your internet connection stays well! and am curious to see what lamda actions I can study in the morning :wink:

No lambdas for you :slight_smile: