Diagnoses, Conditions and FHIR

Hello all…

A follow up to: Changing one of the checkboxes in the Diagnosis widget

We have a use case at one of our implementations where, for reporting purposes, when a clinician records a diagnosis whether it is the “first time” for that diagnoses (by “first time” is that the visit is the first for that incidence of the disease. So Diabetes will have only one “first time” diagnosis in a lifetime, but the flu might be a “first time” diagnosis every time the patient comes in about a new flu)

There’s no support for recording this data point in our current Diagnosis model, so I wondered:

  • Would there be support for making Diagnosis “Attributable” so we could store this as a “diagnosis attribute” (ie change Diagonsis so it extends BaseCustomizableOpenMRSData instead of BaseChangeableOpenMRSData) as @dkayiwa suggested in the previous post

  • If people had other suggestions on how to support it

I was also wondering if there would be any precedent for adding something specific to the Diagnosis model to support this. So, since I know we are trying to be as FHIR-compatible as possible, I wanted to look up the modelling of Diagnosis in FHIR, but after a quick look, it appears that there isn’t such a thing… it looks like in FHIR it would be modelling using a combination of Condition and Observation. Has there been thoughts of how our Diagnosis will fit in the FHIR model?