DHISreport Module 2.0 Integration with Reporting Module

Hello Everyone,

I will be mentoring DHISReport 2.0 module for GSOC 2015. Following the example of @harsha89 and @surangak. I have started this thread to discuss any questions students might have regarding the same.

This thread would act as the common area of discussion instead of IRC or Mailing list for this topic.

The link to the wiki of this project is here.


Hello @maurya I am Sandeep Raparthi,Gsoc 2015 Aspirant from Hyderabad,India.

So far regarding the project I have set up the modules,went through their documentations however have a few questions

  1. word Integrate used in Name of project: a) Does this word mean Implementing a new feature(UI element) in existing Dhisreport module to build queries ? b) Just help users access those components already existing in reporting module

  2. Does this project aim at helping users build all kinds of 3 types of reports i.e row periodic indicator report,row per index report,custom report.?

  3. If my understanding so far is correct can i include MOCK ups similar to which exist presently in reporting module in my Proposal?

All my questions were from what i understood if i was wrong please correct me

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Thank you @sandeepraparthi for your interest in the project. To answer your questions:

  1. DhisReport module presently runs queries through SQL scripts provided by users, but most of these queries can be run through the reporting module using it’s cohort system(nothing but a name to a query). What we would like to integrate/import the functionality of cohorts into DHISReport module so that instead of running the queries directly we can use reporting module’s functionality. This would help in people unfamiliar with SQL to use DHISReport module

  2. This would need some investigation as we might not use the reporting module’s default report types and only use it’s cohort system or we can make use of one of these reports.

3.Yes you can include mockups :smile:

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Thank you @maurya I have submitted the proposal :slight_smile: Can you please tell if i have to improve that Thanks in Advance