DHIS Report, reporting module integration - Design Call Request on Nov 18th,2015

Hello @jthomas,

If nothing else is scheduled on Nov 18, 2015 - Design call. Would it be possible to schedule that call to discuss about DHIS Report Module’s and Reporting module’s integration?

@pascal will be discussing about his design of how he plans to do it.

@maurya and @pascal we were planning to cancel the Nov 18 design call due to AMIA conference as most attendees (@darius, @burke, @jteich) will not be available that day. Do you anticipate needing 1hr or 30min?

I think if we can get @mseaton on the call, as well as some of the other partners from external organisations it would be useful to have the call. We could try to squeeze the discussion into 30 minutes if there are other urgent items on the agenda, else an hour would probably be best.

I’m happy to join that day, but unless it is urgent would value having @darius and @burke in on the discussion too.

@pascal, I agree with @mseaton that it would be good to have @darius and @burke if possible but, I leave it up to you regarding the call as you will be doing most of the talking.

Sure, we can wait to have the call. In the mean time I’ll try to write something up for people to have a look at and comment on asynchronously.

If we do decide to do this, please include Kishore from Novartis!

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