devtest04 server down

The server at is down. I was told to use for further testing but the there are some problems in the form. Along with it I am unable to register new patients on the same. Can someone please help. I get the below error in registering new patient.

Based on , @raff is the one owning dev04 :slight_smile:

I can’t access any of the reference application instances. (, It results in connection timeout.

Can you try again? I have been able to access both of them now.

Nope not working. It’s being a quite a while now. @suthagar23 @lahiruj have the same problem I guess.

Yah, Couldn’t access the

Could it be blocked for your region? For am still able to access it.

Yeah I think so. I’ve confirmed this with Indians, they do have access.

@dkayiwa I am able to access it and thanks for fixing the patient registration issue. Can you please also add the JSON form for vitals etc on the server.