Development across multiple modules with snapshot versions

I am a bit confused on what a workflow looks like when developing in openmrs. Take for example that I have forks openmrs-core, then when I start it up it hasn’t really any functionality so I need to add some modules. I fork the admin UI module, checkout the latest master and package it, add the omod to my modules, but then it has a lot of requirements on other modules. I downloaded the versions required for those modules but end those versions can be 6 years old (some deprecated) and I just get a lot of errors when running them together.

Can some experienced developer please give some examples on how they go about developing in openmrs when working across multiple modules please as I think I am going about it the wrong way?

Did you get a chance to try this out? OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

I tried it briefly during the setup tutorials, but was trying to do it all from source, but if this is the better way to go I will try using the sdk. Thank you