Developing The Projects

Hello Everyone, Is it necessary to Build, run and Develop Open MRS projects only on SDK. Can we use Intellij, VsCode etc for Developing? @kdaud @jayasanka

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Hi @rishabhdixit1,

Great question! The OpenMRS SDK is primarily used to help set up an OpenMRS development environment quickly. However, you are free to use any IDE of your choice to develop OpenMRS projects. IDEs like IntelliJ, VSCode, Eclipse, etc. are all compatible with OpenMRS development. The OpenMRS SDK only helps with the initial setup and configuration of the project, but once that is done, you can use any IDE you want for coding and development.

So, to answer your question, you are not limited to using the OpenMRS SDK for developing OpenMRS projects, and you can use your preferred IDE like IntelliJ, VSCode, etc. for coding and development.

I hope this helps!