Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Paul Kayongo) #888

:+1: Will do

(Paul Kayongo) #889

Hey @raff this is the REST query:

(Rafal Korytkowski) #890

Every GET is limited to return 10 items by default. If you want more use: or paginate:

(Paul Kayongo) #891

Noted, thankyou

(Paul Kayongo) #892

Hello @madraja18, we shall be having a call on Thursday at 17:00 hrs GMT+3. I will share the link to the call on this channel 30 minutes before.

(Andrew Kanter) #893

Current build on is broken when I select a dictionary that I just created.

Some additional issues found before the build broke:

  1. Add existing from CIEL starts with a list of drugs. No rhyme or reason for this listing. Seems like it should either be empty (preferred) or perhaps load alphabetical.
  2. Potassium orate drug (and seems like most concepts) are missing their mappings on preview (RxNORM 8602 is seen on the OCL demo site).
  3. Filtering by “diagnoses” is flipped. Leaving it unselected acts like it is selected, and selecting it acts like it is unselected.
  4. When I lost authentication (due to a delay) the error comes up, but there is no redirect to the login page.

(Paul Kayongo) #894

Noted @akanter we are looking into this

(Paul Kayongo) #895

Hello @akanter From our limited testing, this is what we have discovered so far.

We seem to be able to access the dictionary Andy's demo. Is this the dictionary you created?

Point 1): We are creating a ticket for this.

Point 2): We are creating a ticket for this

Point 3): We shall be creating a ticket for this.

Point 4:) Could you go into further detail of what error message you saw pop up on the UI if any?

(Paul Kayongo) #896

Hello all,

Please confirm whether is running?

@dkayiwa @raff, @cintiadr

(Cintia Del Rio) #897

Indeed, the container wasn’t healthy and I restarted it. Next time it happens, can you please explain what leads you to think it wasn’t running? Otherwise it’s just a guessing game from our side.

(Lincoln Karuhanga) #898

In this case the endpoints were returning a 502. I wonder if the docker health check saw this and marked it as unhealthy?

(Madona Raja) #899

Please. send me the link. I would like to understand better the status of the project.

thank you.

(Paul Kayongo) #900

Will do, just a reminder, it will be here by 16:30 hours GMT+3

(Paul Kayongo) #901

Hello Community,

We’ll be having our weekly OCL sync in 30 minutes from now.

Here’s the link to the call:

cc: @akanter @dkayiwa @madraja18 @darius

(Madona Raja) #902

Unfortunately I’m unable to join probably is a firewall police of my company. I will try to install the hangout at my cellphone


Madona Rajá

HIS Specialist

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

258 84 33 100 32 cell |

+258 21 31 4747/48 office | +258 21 31 44 60 fax

7th Floor, JAT Complex 4, Av. 267 Zedequias Manganhela

Maputo, Mozambique

(Paul Kayongo) #903

Thanks for the feedback @madraja18. We will be waiting

(Madona Raja) #904

When I click the link at my cellphone it ask for my gmail username and password. I logged in and it ask me to install the app. I installed the app and I cant find the call and there is no place at the app to past the link. Sorry guys I dont want to waste tou time I will try to see how I can solve the problem and join to the next call.

(Cynthia Antwi) #905

@paulk Is there a recording or video for this call that happened today

(Paul Kayongo) #906

Hello Community, these are the notes and link demo call held yesterday.

Call Link: Here


1. Add Dictionary

  • Default Cursor should be in the name field
  • Rearrange the fields with name and description coming first and second respectively

2. Create another kind of concept

  • It should have all possible fields from all dictionaries

3. Bulk Add Concepts page

  • Remove the quick search option from the bulk concepts page

4. Create a set of concepts

  • The title should be changed from ‘create a set of concept’ to ‘create a set of concepts’
  • Create a set of concepts is missing the ‘sets’ row. This should come before the descriptions

5. Look into the subscription issue


  • While creating a mapping, the add source option should be made searchable
  • While previewing a concept, the answer and sets should be part of the preview model
  • On the add CIEL concepts page, concepts should not be rendered unless they are searched
  • On the dictionary concepts page, the concepts should be sortable by name.

cc: @akanter @madraja18 @alexkayabula @danuluma @karuhanga @c.antwi @darius @cintiadr @dkayiwa @raff

(Paul Kayongo) #907

Hey @c.antwi, I’ve just posted it