Developing an application for child & adolescent mental health in Egypt

My name is Hanan El-Mazahy and I am a child and adolescent mental health consultant. I want to use open MRS to create a system for a single provider practice that offers child and adolescent mental health services focusing on psychotherapy notes. I understand system analysis and data bases but not programming and I have a functioning paper system that I want to transfer to become electronic. I am based in Egypt and it would be a plus to have the system running in Arabic. I also need to have the capability to expand to include more than one practioner and the ability to secure patient data. My motivation to start the system: a) no physical space to store the paper. b) to do research and c) to help monitor and train future trainees. Any ideas on how to start?



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Have you reviewed the getting started documentation on our wiki? This might be helpful in setting up your instance of OpenMRS. See if this helps get things started:

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Hi @hanan - Thanks for reaching out here to get started with your project. As @jeffneiman mentioned, the Getting Started materials will be a good place to begin understanding what you need to do to set up your forms electronically. As you work through those, this Talk forum will be an important place for you to post your questions about how to do certain aspects of the work. Keep reaching out to the community here with questions, and I’m certain you will find people eager to give you advice and technical answers.

In posting your questions, make sure to be as specific as possible. If you have multiple questions that are not related to each other, it might be best to create multiple posts for each question. Post screenshots and supporting images/documents/etc where needed to make your questions and thoughts clear. If you have an error, step by step process for how you got to the error, along with logs, are helpful and often asked for by the tech folks.

Looking forward to hearing about your project! - Jan

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Thank you @jeffneiman and @janflowers I read the getting started documentation and it says I will need to get an IT person for a month or two. My new question now is, (and I will post it separately ; for a small practice, what are the pros and cons of OpenMRS vs other commercially available applications that need some modifications but not the cost of a dedicated IT person for 2 months?

I see that you posted the other thread, and @darius replied there.

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