Developers Guide e-Book Feedback?

Hi folks! As many of you know, we’ve written an e-book guide for new OpenMRS developers:

We’re always looking to make improvements and changes to this resource, so let us know right here in this thread what you’d like to see or improve. If you’re feeling super motivated, we can also give you information about how to edit the book using the FLOSS Manuals tools, too!

While the effort put into creating the developer guide is greatly appreciated, the attribution on the first page seems to be the focus of the introduction and is off-putting.

We welcome your feedback on this book. We want to know if it helps you get started as an OpenMRS developer, and what might be missing. You can make comments directly in the online version of this book, or send your feedback to community■■■■■■■■■■■■. We’re ready to use your comments and input as we continuously update this resource.

When I go to, I don’t see a way to add comments to pages. Is there supposed to be a comment link at the bottom? It would be awesome if people could add comments directly to the bottom of any page when viewing it online, so those suggestions could be reviewed and, when appropriate, be incorporated before removing the comments.

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Yes, there was formerly a comment box on each page. We’ll check with the FLOSS Manuals team to see what happened to it. Thanks for letting us know!

I have added our GSoC students(@GSoC2016students) to the thread. As you all come through out developer guide and getting started as developer guide to setting up the OpenMRS developer environment and solve tickets. We would like to know how documents were helpful? And we need your feedback on how we can improve our documentation to get new comers quickly to setup the environment and provide their contributions. Please let us know your thoughts as you all are the most recent contributors comes through our documentation. Happy to get any positive/negative feedback so we can improve our documentation. Which will definitely helpful for our incoming contributors :).

I’m planning to improve our started as developer guide during up coming weeks. Please share your suggestions.

GSoC students, if you are willing to contribute to the documentation during the community bonding period, please let me know.

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Given the uncertainty about the FLOSS Manuals community going forward, I would strongly recommend reformatting the ebook in Markdown (most likely) and maintaining the text in a GitHub repository. A variety of renderers can then be used, such as Read The Docs.

Such a move would also make translation much easier:

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