Developers Forum Topics and Suggested Dates

A tentative calendar of topics and suggested presenters has been created for upcoming Developers Forums. These dates still need to be confirmed:

  • 7/28 - Community Supported Module Review (3x/year Module Review to review list of community supported modules and decide what, if anything, should change) @pascal

  • 8/11 - AMPATH Update - JSON Forms, Lab Orders, etc. @willa

  • 8/25 - Reference Application 2.5 road map planning @maurya

  • 9/1 - Currently Open if anybody would like to discuss something

  • 9/8 - How to help volunteer developers with their contributions & make them more effective? @dkayiwa Onboarding, Bottlenecks & challenges (code review/PRs, startup time, documentation, …), …

  • 9/15 - Hackathon Prep @k_joseph

  • 9/29 - “Crazy ideas” call: no rules, what crazy approaches/technologies could disruptively improve OpenMRS devleopment @darius

Please post here to confirm that you can either present on the topic listed by your name on the specified date or would like to suggest a different date/different presenter for the topic. (Developers Forums occur each Thursday from 10am-11am EDT).

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