Developers Forum 2016-04-21

Reminder there is a developers forum this Thursday at 10am US/Eastern. Here are the topics for the forums in the coming weeks:

21 - Platform 2.0 (@maany) 28 - Community Supported Module Review (3x/year Module Review to review list of community supported modules and decide what, if anything, should change) 05 - Platform 1.12 Release Planning, New Order Entry APIs in Platform 1.12, Review module compatibility with new platform release (@bharatak) 12 - endTB Project Showcase w/ ThoughtWorks (Vinod Sankaranarayanan / @bharatak)

To join the call and screen sharing, go to

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Unfortunately, Regenstrief has scheduled a meeting I must attend that conflicts with today’s developer conference, so I will not be able to join today.

If you are the author of one or more OpenMRS modules or are otherwise involved with OpenMRS Development, I would urge you to join today’s call to discuss the Platform 2.0 Release with our release manager, @maany. If you are running any version of OpenMRS, you are using the OpenMRS Platform and Platform 2.0 is the future of the platform, so any help you can provide in testing and helping ensure we, as a community, provide a reasonable path for implementations to upgrade to Platform 2.0 will be extremely helpful.


-Burke :burke:

This meeting should be re-scheduled. Several people joined and waited for the first 15 minutes and left due to no leaders or activity, but conversation didn’t get started until 20 minutes into the hour, once key people arrived.

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Sorry about that, I got late reaching home from school today. :frowning: @jthomas I am available from 11th May, so feel free to put me in any available slot :smiley: I did get a chance to discuss testing strategy with @dkayiwa and @ayeung and will be following up on that tomorrow evening after school.

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+1 for starting a topic here to discuss the same until we can get it re-scheduled :thumbsup: