Developers Forum 2016-03-17

Reminder there is a developers forum this Thursday at 10am US/Eastern. Here are the topics for the forums in the coming weeks:

17 - TB Project Showcase (@vsingh), Migration to 2.0 and supporting 1.x (@raff) 24 - Topic Fest, FOSSASIA report 31 - OpenMRS Certified Developer (OCD) Program (@sunbiz) 07 - Laboratory Module Demo (@assimilator)

To join the call and screen sharing, go to

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Tomorrow we will spend the whole hour on making modules work in Platform 1.x and 2.x.

(We need to reschedule the TB Project Showcase for later.)

FWIW, here is where am staging modules that i have been working on to run on platform 2.0 UserName: admin Password: Admin123

These include the reference application modules and a few others, just to test their interaction with one another and the new platform.

I think @jdegraft is going to steal this server from me once he is ready to release the next reference app. :wink:

The goal of this week’s Dev Forum “Migration to 2.0 and supporting 1.x” is to get consensus on how module authors can best deal with straddling Platform 1.x and Platform 2.x worlds as we make the transition over the next year or so.

@raff will walk us through the proposed approach. Our hope is to have as many active module developers on the call as possible to review & discuss the approach to make sure we’re doing whatever we can to help module authors during the transition.