Developers Forum 2015-11-05

Reminder there is a developers forum this Thursday at 10am US/Eastern. Here are the topics for the forums in the coming weeks:

05 - WIP: PIH Update 12 - Crazy new technology ideas! 19 - Platform 2.0 Planning 26 - OpenMRS Holiday (Thanksgiving Day)

To join the call and screen sharing, go to

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i remember us suggesting on one of the forums we had before the camp to have a topic about #omrs-hackathon at I hope we are going to add this onto the agenda @jthomas for that forum?

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Sorry for the misunderstanding @k_joseph. I thought we were going to add it to a design call. We can surely add this topic to the 11/12 forum. Thank you for bringing this up. Look forward to your discussion around the Summit hackathon.