Developer stages dev1 quiz

Hello, I have tried to work on some div1 quiz work that ofcourse advance from div/null to div/1 stage . i have worked on many quiz and am very sure that i passed the test ,but am not getting why the system is failing, how many quiz should some one do to be advanced to div1 depending on the quiz because some stages above that are not depending on quiz. Some more insight about that quiz

Sorry about it. Did you submit after doing all the quez? when was that?

@sharif did you follow this link?

i followed that link long time ago, and i have been very keen about it, this is i think my 8 th time doing the quiz but am suspecting about the system thanks @jwnasambu.

cc. @mozzy

:grinning:, sorry but thats funny.

Anyway did you attach a PR ,where its reqcuired ?

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Sorry about it you can ping @burke

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followed this link, and i really attached the PR and the current work ar required

cc. @burke, @dkayiwa

Sure, if you want to get a public explanation this time.

I suppose the regex for the issue ticket can be improved to allow parameters, but everything else makes sense the way it is.