Developer stage for Rishabh Agarwal

Hello friends, Kindly forgive me for bringing up this much less when am not a senior dev but basing on the dev stages, I believe @rishabh997 is more than a dev 1.

He participated in last year’s GSoC program under the mentorship of @gcliff and @f4ww4z . He has been in the community for more than a year. Apparently he is a primary mentor for OpenMRS Android Client Project 3.0.x where am working with him as a back-up mentor for @saurabh. He has been reviewing and merging tickets on time. Besides that, before the onset of the GSoC period as we reviewed the proposals, he helped me understand what we needed to achieve in this project and also what to base on to choose our student. On a weekly basis, we set and hit the goal and I must say I have learned a lot from him and our student @saurabh. I there for kindly request the senior devs to look at his work on his github account and see the way forward as per the dev stages are concerned.

Thanks in advance!

@dkayiwa, @k.joseph, @ibacher, @mozzy, @gcliff and @f4ww4z


I’d support bumping @rishabh997 to /dev/3. He appears to be serving something close to that role for the Android Client project. In particular, I see good evidence that he is giving helpful code reviews and guidance to others and has certainly met the requirements for /dev/2.


Thanks @ibacher for having a look at this issue.


@rishabh997 congratulations for the good work done!


Thanks @jwnasambu for bringing this up and thanks @rishabh997 for the great work that you are doing in the community. Welcome to the /dev/3 stage. :slight_smile:


congs @rishabh997 :partying_face: :partying_face:


Thanks everyone for this position :star_struck:

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