develop and debug REST module on top of OpenMRS 2.0.0 platform

hello, need some help with the server, was trying to create an environment to develop and debug [REST module] on top of OpenMRS 2.0.0 platform. After clone(mvn openmrs-sdk: clone), it asked for artifact ID and group id then my git access plus password and it failed any help?

issue is with the authentication. you should use a personnal access token not a password which you can generate from Sign in to GitHub · GitHub using the url of the repository you are trying to clone.

Feel free to look through this tutorial by github → Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs

Thanks but it still didn’t work, created an access token that lasts 30days but it still didn’t work, am i approaching it rightly?

Your access token looks weird to me and i am wondering why its not hidden with stars(*) like all passwords/access tokens should.

Anyway, send me a link to your github profile

@kamajo is the repository you’re trying to clone your fork or youre cloning the master repository from openmrs?

I think you should first fork the repository, then use that url to create a personal access token and then repeat the above process of cloning.