Dev Stage Upgrade for Ivo Ulrich

Hi everyone,

Am proposing an upgrade for @teleivo from /dev/3 to /dev/4 Of recent, he has been missing in action, but is now back. :smile: He has mentored others, helped out on talk, done a good number of commits to the radiology module and core platform, is leading hackathons, does code reviews not only for modules but also platform, and more.

Does any one object?


Enthusiastic +1!

I agree, so +1

@burke or any one else, can you give him JIRA permissions to at least be able to curate (make tickets ready for work)? And even close those he has reviewed and sees fit to close?

Did you already contact help desk for this request? I’ve tried to grant access, but having issues with OpenMRS ID admin features. I’ll look into it.

FYI – I’m still hoping we can get Badge Event webhooks in Talk, which would allow us to make badge assignments manipulate LDAP entries and automatically grant privileges to community resources when people earn certain badges.