Dev environment for Bahmni 0.92

With latest release 0.92, bahmni now requires CentOS 7.

I couldn’t find any documentation or tool with instructions on how to install a development environment to manually test bahmni for version 0.92.

As far as I understand, bahmni virtual box latest version still is on CentOS 6 with bahmni 0.91 :

And the doc about docker mentions that it doesn’t work for bahmni 0.92 :

Has anyone successfully setup a dev environment for bahmni 0.92? Can you please provide instructions?

I couldn’t find any JIRA ticket with plans on updating virtual box. Is there any plan for this? Is virtual box still the recommended way for manually test during development?

@multicolaure may be @angshuonline @mksrom can best help you on this

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