design of bahmni home

Hello everyone I’m hardy. I have already installed bahmni on my server. and now I want to customer it with other color. I want to know, how and where I can found the design file? please help me. thanks

I don’t think you can change the themes/colors of Bahmni screen out-of-the-box / via configuration. Requires code change. If you change code, you will be forking it just for yourself.

Why do you want to change the color of Bahmni?

Hi hardy, I’m efrance, how can i install bahmni on my server? Kindly take me through those steps. Thanks.

Hi @nsangiefrance Please refer to Bahmni WIKI for installation instructions and let us know if any help required. Note : For any other questions create a new thread on OpenMRS Talk under Bahmni Tag.

Thanks @swathivarkala, its installing.

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