Design forum time to discuss OpenMRS / OHDSI efforts?

As we (well, mostly @maurya these days…) continues to hack on our efforts to incrementally develop support for OHDSI analytics, it would be useful for us to find some time to discuss our plans over a design forum, and obtain feedback on to how to proceed. There are also a number of outstanding issues that need to be clarified by the greater community.

I wonder if we can snag some free time to do this?

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Would Wednesday, July 29th work for you and @maurya?


Works for me! @maurya? :smile:

works for me too!! :smile:

Its a deal! 29th July it is :smile:

Suranga can you list some of those outstanding issues. I might be interested in some but I would like to know upfront.

An excellent idea! I shall be doing so over the next few days :slight_smile:

Hi there,

As requested, here are a few tangents that we need to discuss/think about:

Current design/work - What we’ve done so far, and what the module looks like right now Future scope - What will be our scope? whats a reasonable unit of release?

(a) We propose that users are allowed to pick which OHDSI apps they need to support before exporting data - this way, we can limit the amount of data that needs to be exported/imported. (b) We propose two workflows- real time data exchange (online version) and offline data exchange, where the module creates a data dump that can be moved manually

UI design (what should the UI look like? we’ll propose mockups)

Managing synchronization - lets say you exported all OpenMRS data into system A on the 1st Jan. Now its the 1st March, and we need to sync the system data. How do we manage this? can we produce ‘upgrade’ scripts, instead of the entire db with ALL the data?

Outstanding questions on mappings between the OpenMRS DB and OHDSI schema

@maurya, anything else that I missed?

Hopefully the discussion can start with some framing like “what is OHDSI, why do we care about it, and what is an example use case we’re trying to solve”. :smile:

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@surangak, I don’t think you have missed anything. :slight_smile:

@darius we might begin the call with a basic introduction and why we use it. For reference this is the main website.

But basically as far as my understanding is it is useful in large-scale health data analytics. And they have multiple tools , we are presently using their Achilles tool We have the data that is required for this tool but in a different schema.

We are trying to do the data translation to their format specific translation.

Who is “we”?

We would be @paul, @maurya and @surangak for now :smile: