Design Forum Availability Next Week

There is some design time available next week during design forums (Monday, June 8 @ 4-5pm UTC or Wednesday, June 10 @ 6-7pm UTC). If anyone is interested in getting together to talk about ideas please communicate under this topic so the appropriate people can plan to join the calls.

If this time isn’t needed for design discussions then we will probably take a hiatus until Monday, June 15 @ 4-5pm UTC - Condition List: Discuss use cases and requirements w/ Bahmni business analyst.

Sounds like the Hibernate upgrade talk is scheduled for June 22nd, but I could make either of these two calls if we wanted to do it then (and my participation isn’t strictly required anyway).

Also, probably doesn’t need a full hour.

Due to a number of interesting developments, I think that we could use some time to discuss FHIR work and what version/s of the OpenMRS core that we want to support. We can do either Monday or Wednesday :smile:


@surangak can you identify who you would like to participate?

We can have talk on how should FHIR module align and structured for export OpenMRS data through FHIR. We will have several key issues to discuss as well such as incompatibility of resources.

@jthomas, we’ll need @harsha89, @burke and @darius, in the very least :smile:

@burke is actually out next week so I will try to find a time on an upcoming call.

Oh. @harsha89, in your opinion, how soon do we need answers to the version issue? can we afford to wait another week?

Note that we won’t have Burke. But I’m happy to make all the big decisions without him, it’s faster that way. :wink:

(Really though, we can probably discuss some of the recent FHIR topics without him.)


Currently I’m going through the features of 1.11.x. Will update you once it done.

@harsha89 and @surangak do you guys still have intrest in having a discussion about FHIR during today’s design forum (Monday, June 8 @ 4-5pm UTC)?

@jthomas, yes please :smile:

@surangak I did not attend the 8 June design forum and I do not see any notes from the call. Did you guys have a discussion around FHIR?