Design Forum 2019-01-07

Hey Everyone!

Today’s Design Forum call will be used to discuss the documentation activities for 2019.


  1. Review of the Team undertaking the exercise
  2. Review of the current state of Documentation on the platform
  3. Identify Gaps in current Documentation
  4. Plan of Action and assignment of responsibilities

We invite all those interested to join the call.

cc @jwnasambu @monasaleh @lana @burke @dkayiwa

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Thanks for the step taken I will be there.

Thanks @c.antwi for this initiative. I hope to attend.

thanks .i will attend too

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend :frowning:

Today is Orthodox Christmas, that’s why I’m busy with the celebrations.

Please post the things you’ll come up with here, so I can stay updated. Thanks!

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Hi, what time will the call be?

Hi @monasaleh after today’s PM call , which will be 4PM UTC

@c.antwi Is @Jennifer aware of this? she really wanted to attend from the beginning

As this is within a scheduled meeting time (Design Forum), I am sure she would be available.


Thanks dear

Hey Everyone

Please find the summary of our discussions in our last call on Monday during Design Forum.

We have agreed that we will have working calls everyone Tuesday 1PM UTC on Uberconference.

We have also agreed to do an inventory of what user content is currently available. But before we do that , we need to identify and confirm what personas we are developing user documentation for.

As per the minutes of the meeting we came up at a high level with the following personas:

  • New developer

  • Experienced developer

  • New implementer

  • Experienced implementer

  • Decision Maker (Ministry/Country)

  • Personas on the wiki (

  • Curious: interested in OpenMRS and want to learn more or interested in potentially supporting the project in the future

  • User: working in a health setting that is already using OpenMRS or you believe might benefit from it. Clinicians, researchers, community health workers should start here.

  • Implementer: supporting the installation, customization, and maintenance of OpenMRS Reference Application within a health care setting.

  • Developer: interested in building on top of the OpenMRS platform, via writing source code or modules, or want to integrate with OpenMRS? Start here.

  • Testers: people interested in testing OpenMRS.

  • Subject Matter Experts: people who are interested in helping with documentation or new translations should start here.

We therefore ask the community to share their thoughts and are invited to the next call on Tuesday January 15.


Hi, I wrote this quick manual for implementer installation of OpenMRS in Arabic. I highly appreciate your comments.

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Hi, @c.antwi, I drew this activity diagram for the (register patient) process

I highly appreciate your comments :slight_smile:

I also read this reference and concluded the following high-level use cases :slight_smile:

@monasaleh thanks so much for the contributions. This is a great start. I trust we will hear from you at the next meeting in a few minutes.