Design Forum 2017-09-06: Pulling EMR API service methods into core CANCELLED

Continuing the discussion from Design Forum 2017-09-04: CANCELLED:

Only @wyclif and myself were online, so we cancelled today’s call. I did copy over some notes to 2017-09-06-Design-Forum in preparation for discussing pulling EMR API services into core (a portion of notes from our 2017-08-14-Design-Forum notes).

We’ll need to reschedule this topic when more people can join (@darius, @mogoodrich, any others interested).

Argh… sorry, I had this on my calendar (and was actually free) but then forgot about it!

@mogoodrich and @darius about Wednesday, September 13 from 2-3pm (Eastern Time)?

That is one unfortunately that I can’t do… I will be in Haiti all next week. The believe the two following weeks are okay for me.

Take care,


No worries. How about Monday, September 18th?

Whoops, my bad… :slight_smile: I saw the the “Wednesday, Sept 13th” and assumed that must be next week. It’s the week of the 18th (next week) when I will be in Haiti… sorry for all the confusion, I can do this Wednesday, Sept 13th.

Take care, Mark

This Wednesday the 13th works for me.


@burke and @wyclif have a conflict. Should we schedule out for Monday, September 25? Will you be back from Haiti?

Yes, I can do Monday the 25th…

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9/25 works for me also.