Design Forum 2017-02-20: CANCELLED

Today’s design forum is CANCELLED due to OpenMRS Holiday. If you have a topic you would like to discuss on an upcoming call please post it here.

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, February 22 @ 7-8pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

@jthomas Is it possible to use the next Design Forum to talk more about “Replace existing style guide with a new one based on Bootstrap” see Kickstarting Integration of Twitter Boostrap for Ref App UI for 2.6

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Of course. Is there anyone in particular you would like to have on the call?

@darius @mogoodrich @mseaton (from PIH original source of the style guide), @burke, would be interesting to have some @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 who have new age UI/UX development experiences.

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@ssmusoke Are we still looking for someone? I have someone who is interested and has great credentials/experience.

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