Design Forum 2016-11-23: OPEN FORUM

Wednesday’s design forum is an OPEN FORUM, but if we don’t have another topic we will discuss RA-435 - Need way to edit implementation custom forms. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please post it here and join us from 7-8pm UTC. The next design forum will be on Monday, November 28 from 4-5pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

@jthomas, I wonder if I can grab a session next week - the best day is probably next Wednesday the 30th - to review how we might support the features developed in the orderextension module using the new orderentry API which includes some support for order sets and order groups as of 1.12.

In our Rwanda implementation, we are interested in upgrading from 1.9 to 1.11 or 1.12 within the next 6 months, and the biggest challenge will be migrating our legacy drug orders. Compounding this complexity, we heavily use the orderextension module to represent cyclical chemotherapy regimens, both in terms of order grouping and order sets. Understanding the proper way to model our existing data in the 1.12 data model, and areas that are still missing, is something we would value community input into, particularly those who were most involved in the order entry API design over the last few years.

@darius, , @jteich, @wyclif, @burke et al - are any of you available and interested in discussing with us next week?

Thanks, Mike

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Works for me – Jonathan

I’m available next Monday, but probably not Wednesday.

Ideally @bharatak can suggest someone from the Bahmni team (possibly himself) who is familiar with the OrderSet constructs that were added in 1.12.x, to join the call also.

@mseaton would Monday from 4-5pm UTC be okay for you?

I am fine to attend the call next Monday

Sure - thanks @jthomas, @darius, and @bharatak . Monday works for me. Looking forward to the discussion.

Thanks, Mike

@darius, @burke , I assume that a hold I had on my calendar assigning the Monday design meeting slot for a discussion of the ref app is not correct or is otherwise not happening?

I’ll be on the design meeting call on Monday, prepared to discuss either topic :slightly_smiling_face: Jonathan

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@jteich I did not have the ref app discussion on my calendar so I did not save Monday’s design call time for that discussion. You will see an email from me asking Michelle to reschedule that discussion. Apologies for the miscommunication, hope this helps clear things up.

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