Design Forum 2016-06-08: OPEN FORUM

Wedensday’s design forum is currently OPEN for design. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please let me know and join us from 6-7pm UTC.

The next design forum will be on Monday, June 13 from 4-5pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

Maybe we can use this slot to discuss next steps for the Episodes of Care module with @tomgriffin, @burke, and @janflowers. (This would be a bit more of a PM discussion than design.)

I have two major issues while proceeding forward with my GSOC project.

  1. Integrating a pedigree drawing tool(jspedigrees) to the OpenMRS 2.x(with the new version of the OpenMRS). This works fine with the older version of OpenMRS but it does not work with the new version. Need some guidance on this one. This may include altering the HTMLFormEntryUI module.

  2. There is already a ticket about this matter. The image upload feature in the HTML form entry is not working in the new version of the OpenMRS. Needs to fix this as well.

@darius Do you need the entire hour? If not I would dearly like to talk about the above mentioned problems as it is a major hurdle in completing the project.

and I also like to get a chance in the next slot ( 13th Mon ) to further discuss the issues.

Thank you.

@akshika47, no we do not need the entire hour.

That said, you’ll need to make sure the right people are there to answer your question, e.g. if you are proposing changes to the HFEUI module you should invite @mogoodrich.

@darius Thank you. So basically I want some help on the htmlformentry. Anyone else that we should invite?? :slight_smile:

I’m going to be travelling starting next Monday for two weeks, so won’t be able to make design calls during that time. @akshika47 can you start another thread (or point me in the right directin if they already exist) about any HFE or HFEUI module questions/concerns/ideas you may have?

Thanks! Mark

If you guys can have a conversation over email we can always schedule a design call when @mogoodrich returns in two weeks. @akshika47 please just let me know if you want some time and I will get it on the schedule.

Yes I need some time, but would that be useful with @mogoodrich not around? that is my problem :confused:

i was thinking you could point him any threads or link as he suggested and then continue discussion over talk then get something on the schedule for after he returns. Unless this is too late of course. @darius what do you think?