Design Forum 2016-02-29: OPEN FORUM

Monday’s design forum is currently OPEN for design. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please let me know and join us from 4-5pm UTC.

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, March 2 @ 7-8pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

Hi Jamie,

I am Achinta from the Bahmni team. Can we have time on this Monday’s design forum to discuss any remaining issues about OrderSet design

This will be a discussion between the Bahmni team: myself, @bharatak, @rnjn @vinay and @darius @wyclif @burke Can a meeting be setup for this.

I should (and can) participate, but I don’t know if this works for the others on short notice; I’ll leave that to @jthomas.
Should this also include @akhilmalhotra?

Jonathan, I think this is more at the low level code review stage at this point, and making sure the existing code gets merged, so it’s okay to do without you.

-Darius (by phone)

I would like to discuss about our OpenMRS guide and developer book in detailed. Since we are moving with newer set of changes, some are outdated in getting started as developer guide. Let’s have a discussion on that and aligh our developer guide with aligning with new changes of OpenMRS core. @michael and @surangak hope this would be something that we need to discussed and sorted out :).

@harsha89, note this parallel thread:

Hi @ysachinta108. There should be space on the design call today to talk about this. Please plan to join the call.

Hi @harsha89. Please review the thread link @darius sent and if you think there is still need for a design discussion we can work on getting something set up.

@darius thanks for pointing to it. @jthomas may be we can have some further discussion and discuss further in other developer forum might be good. I’m fine if we can talk this today as well. Since we might need to do it soon.

@harsha89, if you want to discuss that topic, make sure that @michael and @surangak join the call!

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