Design Forum 2016-01-25: OPEN FORUM

Today’s design forum is currently OPEN for design. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please let me know and join us from 4-5pm UTC.

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, January 27 @ 7-8pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

I could talk about the design we (eSaude) are beginning here in Mozambique for Episodes of Care and Care Pathways if people are interested in giving us some feedback. I’d be glad to talk tonight, but I’ll need a quick intro on the format and expectations of the call.

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@janflowers, this call is in 12 minutes.

We’d be happy to have you (+ others) attend and present or just discuss. (Format is very flexible.)


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Perfect! @valvijo is leading the requirements gathering for us, but isn’t available. So I’ll be a poor substitute for him tonight and explain what he’s discovered so far. See you in a few.

After yesterday’s discussion, @valvijo would like to continue the discussion into the more technical design on Wednesday the 27th, if that is still open!

It is still open. I will put you down for Wednesday.

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@mksrom I would be happy to help find a design call time that works for you. We have availability on Monday, February 1 @4-5pm UTC. Would this work with your schedule?

@jthomas, thanks for that. Monday, February 1 @4-5pm UTC works fine. Thank you

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