Design Forum 2016-01-11: Platform 1.12: showcase free text drug orders and API

On Monday’s design forum we will a showcase for Platform 1.12: free text drug orders and API . If this topic is of interest to you please join us from 4-5pm UTC.

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, January 13 @ 6-7pm UTC - Attributes for concepts



To expound a bit more, the two specific topics on Monday’s design forum will be (led by Bahmni devs):

  • showcase of (completed) Free Text Drug Orders
  • work-in-progress on Order Set API, and ask for feedback

If you’re interested in Order Sets, please try to join! @mseaton, @jteich


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Darius, does this leverage the new concepts I created?

Remind me which concepts you mean. (Sorry, 2016 is a blank slate.)

I don’t know that there are concepts used here, it’s more about core data model changes. (Order Sets will presumably require some new Concept Classes and things like that.)