Design Forum 2015-08-03: Open Time Slot

There is currently no topic for Monday’s design forum from 4-5pm UTC. If someone has a topic they would like to discuss please respond here.

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, August 5 @ 6-7pm UTC - Ranking REST tickets

How about Zain walking us through?

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Thank you @dkayiwa for the suggestion. @szrrizvi is there a day that would work best for you? Design forums are Monday’s 4-5pm UTC and Wednesday’s 6-7pm UTC.

Hi @jthomas. Unfortunately I am completing my thesis these days, so I won’t be available for the next Design forums. However, I will be available on the 12th.

Would it be possible to get some information on the the Design forums? For example, it is more of a lecture presentation setup or a discussion? Also, how long are the presentations generally?

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I will put you down for August 12th.

You can find all information about design forums here - These calls are a great way to poise questions and get knowledge from the community. I would say typically people present your project/issue and then have a Q&A (questions from participants and then questions for participants). Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Sorry for all these small questions, but I wasn’t able to find the amount of time dedicated to each presentation. I see that the whole call lasts for an hour but I am guessing the whole time is not dedicated to one thing. Currently, I am aiming for a 20 minute time slot, possibly longer based on the followup questions. Is that a good range or should I make it longer/shorter?

That’s a great question. So the call is 60 min long. ReBAC is the only topic for that day so you can use as much time as necessary, you do not have to use the whole hour. You can also do whatever format you would like. For instance, present what your are working on and then do Q&A or do Q&A while your presenting, that is up to you. I would just mention before hand if you would rather save questions for the end that way people know. Please let me know if any other questions come up.

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