Design Forum 2015-07-06: Open Time Slot

There is currently no topic for Monday’s design forum from 4-5pm UTC. If someone has a topic they would like to discuss please respond here.

The next design forum will be on Wednesday, July 8 @ 6-7pm UTC - OMR/DHIS2 connection effort.

@harsha89 @surangak We could further discuss about re-creating parts of spring security oauth project for the OAuth2 module after our initial discussions on Saturday. What do you think??

+1 it’s great to have feedback from others on our approach. Let’s talk about that :).

The decision wether to go or not to go with spring is a very important one, so it would be useful to have the community’ opinion on this. @jthomas, I think we’d love to have some time on Monday’s call to discuss this. Hopefully @burke, @darius et. al. will attend :smile:

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I am unsure about @darius schedule. However I know that @burke is on vacation all week. The design call time is not being used by anyone else soI encourage you to use Uberconfernce and the time slot for your discussion and we’ll see if Darius can join.

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