Design Forum 2015-05-13: Basic Order Entry

On Wednesday’s design forum we will be taking a look at basic order entry and what @darius is building for Haiti. If this is a topic that intrests you please feel free to join us from 6-7pm UTC.

The next design forum will be on Monday, May 18 @ 4-5pm UTC - @wyclif will demo administrative UI

Hi @jthomas,

In the (rare) event that either of these topics end ahead of schedule, would we be able to find some time to introduce our devs to OAUTH plans laid by @maany ? :smile:

CC’ @harsha89


Hi @jthomas,@surangak @harsha89

That would really help. I think I need around 15 min for the first call to brief developers about the design issue and if the need is felt to get into more details, we could also do a dedicated Design Forum call later. In that case, I shall update the Notes/Minutes section with ‘Oauth client’ for the appropriate date. I am new to the design forums and I hope I am following the protocol correctly. :slight_smile:

I don’t see there being any issues with taking 15 min. @maany are you able to join today’s design call @ 6-7pm UTC or would Monday’s be better @ 4-5pm UTC?

@jthomas I won’t make it to today’s call. I’d like to take Monday’s call instead. :smiley: @harsha89 and @surangak, I hope you could join in on Monday’s call as well :slight_smile:

Monday works for me. Thank you @jthomas and @maany :smile: Will definitely attend!

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