Deployment of bahmni

Hi I’m a new user to bahmni and have successfully installed it using the Install Bahmni on CentOS guide (, however I did some changes to the code and now want to redeploy it to my server. Is there any guide for me to follow to do this? I’ve been searching the whole day but haven’t found something concrete due to my lack of knowledge. Can some help me with this please?

What I’ve done is generate a openmrs.war file on my local machine and then put that directly on my server in opt/openmrs which deletes the old openmrs.war, I guess there’s a step I missed before or after this one? How can I extract this .war file in my server?

Hi @elco45,

Are your changes in openmrs-core? If your changes are in one of the omod related repos you can follow the steps mentioned here. If your changes are in openmrs-core, then after copying the war file please run sudo unzip -d openmrs openmrs.war from /opt/openmrs folder. Hope that helps.