Deploying OpenMRS with Linux

Application Name: Platform Version Number: 2.1

Question: Hi OpenMRS community,

These past days I have been trying to deploy OpenMRS using digitalocean, but I can’t install a module at all. I have created a module with the guide posted, and I have copied the .omod file to the modules folder where openmrs-runtime is located, but it just keeps saying I don’t have a module installed. Can anyone shed some light for me on this topic? Thanks.

Also, for deployment, forgive me if I am doing this wrong - what I did was - install MYSQL 5.6, Latest Maven, Java 1.8, and Tomcat 8 on Linux. Then I used the WAR file provided on the OpenMRS website and deployed it using SSH. Once I did that I tried putting the module there - but to no avail.

Thanks again.

Are you Able to Run Openmrs without the Module.?

Yes, but it is bare bone. It states that there are no modules installed.

I would Suggest to Download the war file of Referenece Application and deploy it.

Then from the http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/modules/module.list add or upgrade the Module by using your custom Module.

Put your machiene name instead of localhost