Depending on Allergyapi module alongside Allergyui module in openmrs(Resolved)

Hello Friends , Am trying to work on this module GitHub - HariniParth/OpenMRS-DrugOrders-Pharmacy: E-prescription and Pharmacy software system in order to work as expected since we are trying to use it in DHS but the only challenge is , its very old so there is alot of back ward incompatiblities and compatiblities which requires to update many files and dependencies in pom to cope up with current openmrs versionings, One major blocker am facing is when am trying to depend on AllergyApi module and Allergyui module which is among one of its dependecies

When i try to run it into the instance its throwing an error

that i need to add allergyapi module to be among the modules which i think we are nolonger using allergyapi in our distributions , what am ot sure of is whether it was deprecated to allergyui module Are we still using Allergyapi module into our implementations or it was deprecated to inherit all api in allergyui module , Your help will be much appreciated thanks cc @dkayiwa @mozzy @ruhanga @prapakaran

Is this of help?


Thanks @dkayiwa for the link , this has resolved my concern , we nolonger depend on allergyapi as whole module but rather use the right version of core

You nailed it right on the head! :slight_smile:

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Thanks however it seems it requires to change all data model classes in the module or to get rid of them since these are present in core , will try that and see how fur

Have succesfully resolved this module and got pharmacy module running which was broked by allergyapi module after updating the core and some other related dependencies

thanks @dkayiwa

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