"dependency not found" error for the org.openmrs:openmrs-api:4.0.0 dependency,

Hi members, please help me on this one.

i am writing an application that allows users to search for patients using the openMRS api. as part of my software devt practice to learn how patient data is retrieved and displayed from OpenMRS).

I created a new maven project in intelliJ idea IDE and added the following dependencies in my pom.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



        <name>OpenMRS Maven Repository</name>


        <version> 4.0.0 </version>




How can i resolve the version error?

Try lowering the version to 2.6.0 .

Also tryout How To Use the OpenMRS API - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

hello @dbakita can you please show us the error you are encountering preferable through pastebin if possible