demo server not responding


demo server seems to be down

Sure even i tried different web browsers but it shows 404 pageNotFound.Am not sure whether the problem may be related with this cc.@dkayiwa

Demo server is ok now i think @gcliff you have already tested it

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The demo server has been down since 3 days… Is there any way I can reset it to make it work like a step guide… Also do i need to have some access for it… cc: @dkayiwa @ssmusoke @suthagar23

You can use for meanwhile cc @cintiadr


thanks, this will work.

Indeed, demo was down for a long time:

I have no idea what was the problem. I checked the logs, and everything looked fine, worked locally, there were no differences whatsoever in the logs.

So I just restarted docker daemon because I was clueless, and that seemed to have done the trick.