Demo server is not very stable

Since demo was upgraded to 2.5 (Process to update the demo server and Dockerised demo refapp, and other questions about demo data), the demo service is sort in a pretty bad state.

We know that, and we plan on moving it to another server. Because of that, the database reset is currently not working.

If you think you can help on that task (docker, openmrs sdk, ansible or anything), please let me know.

Did we fix the problem of the demo server database not getting reset every day? Here is an example of what results from not doing so. Switch to spanish as the current locale and then access this:

I’m still working to get the new demo server.

Are you able to send me an SQL of how the database should be for a demo server/refapp? It shouldn’t be hard to put the sql on the right place.

On the meantime, I had an SQL file I generated using the sdk. I imported it to the demo server, can you please confirm if it’s actually what we need there? If so, feel free to reenable the reset database build,

How does the sql file that you generated, look like? Or should i just try to reenable the reset database build and see what happens?

That’s the file:

I did use it on demo server, so I’d expect you’d be able to find all demo data there (I generated it using the options in to generate the demo data on docker).