Demo Database problem

Application Name: openMRS Standalone 2.5 Version Number: latest

Question: Hello! I have a question regarding the demo database. I have tried to establish it, without success. After starting the app in DEMO mode, no patient data could be found. Then i deleted the data folder and replaced it with data from the demo folder only to get an error. So, how can i access the anonymised demo 5,000 patient data?

Hello @db25, Can you post the error message you are receiving on KDE Paste and share the link here? :slight_smile: Seeing the error log will make it easier to solve the problem :wink:

The error log that appears when i replace the data folders? I assumed it was not a proper way of installing the demo database. I will provide you a log file after first-time startup in demo mode ( logfile )

@db25 See this Wiki page for more info about the demo data

rerun the standalone afresh and then try set the value of the setting named “referencedemodata.createDemoPatientsOnNextStartup” to the number of demo patients you want. You will restart the standalone for these patients to get created.

At startup i see a lot of similar commands being executed. I assume it is the programe registering the patient data. Here is a log file of first-time startup of the client.

Here is the log file of the first-time run of the client: log